Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Special Day

Today's midweek noon time special was quite a special one for me. After attending the late night marathon the previous night, this day game was viewed through cloudy eyes for the first few innings from our seats in Mannywood. However, in the 3rd inning, a nice couple who couldn't stand the heat gave us their seats for the game. We gladly accepted and looked at them. They were awesome seats!

I guess we lucked out today. A women passed out on my way back from the restroom and it took forever to find a security guard. It is interesting that when you are doing something rowdy, they are always there to stop you, but when you need guest services, no where to be found. Anyways, I hope the woman is okay.

Anyways, today was a nice game. It was nice to see the Dodgers manage to sweep the Pirates and reinforce their home-team advantage lead over the Cardinals, who have finally hit a wall.

Manny would not play today, but it was just a good sign that the Dodgers still beat the Pirates with mostly their bench. I would really like to thank the couple who gave us their tickets.

I feel really burnt out, but I had an awesome day. And I forgot that I even got a bobblehead!


KempKershaw said...

Those are some sweet seats Ken.

Dusty Baker said...

Nice pics, especially the one of Kershaw's skanky hat.

Which could also be another Dodger blog name if someone is looking for one.

Ken said...

yea the strange rosin that has been on his hat since he went out that torrid stretch of awesome pitching~

Falling LEAVes said...

nice pictures! looks we were both in the field level that day. I was in 31. I see you were much closer to the Dodger dugout than I was.