Saturday, September 5, 2009

Red Hot One Hundred

Red Hot One Hundred is not only Viewtiful Joe's special move, but could be used to describe Randy Wolf's amazing month where he has won 5 straight decisions and finally earning his 100th career win. He was amazing through 7 innings and has been the best starting pitcher on the Dodgers pitching staff both both sides of the ball. The hope now is that Wolf will be the Kuroda of this year and finish strong and dominate in the playoffs as well. Because the way Billingsley has been pitching and bad luck that Kershaw has been getting in the run-support department, I would promote Wolf to be the 1st or 2nd pitcher if the playoffs started today.

You have to ride the horse that is hot, especially during the playoffs. What Billingsley did in the beginning of the season doesn't matter if he doesn't rediscover it soon. If the playoffs started today, I would go with Wolf, Billingsley, Kershaw, and Garland (and Kuroda to round off the 5 in case the Dodgers make it to the NLCS). Right now, our top 2 of Billingsley and Kershaw is not better than the Cards (Wainwright, Carpenter), Phillies (Lee, Hamels), and Giants (Lincecum and Cain). Sure they have greater potential than the other combos, but that is because they haven't even come close to reaching their full potential. That is not good if you want to win now.

Of course, the problem with the team now that they are in a slump is the offense hasn't been producing run despite getting a lot of base hits. They still suffer from mad situational hitting and making unproductive outs with runners on base. Sacrifices are something this team cannot take for granted. I feel the Angels are much better at playing small ball despite being a power hitting team. Unfortunately, the Dodgers don't have someone like Chone Figgins, one of my favorite offensive players. Not only is he a pretty good contact hitter, Figs is also an excellent bunter with nice speed. Of course, the Dodgers don't have the luxury of squandering opportunities in the playoffs, especially if they face off against pitchers like Wainwright, Carpenter, Lee, Hamels, and probably Lincecum and Cain. Get hot soon, or go home.