Thursday, November 19, 2009

I can dream can't I?

Sorry, I am too lazy to Photoshop Halladay in Dodgers uniform. There is a lot of speculation will the Dodgers do it? Will they trade Billingsley for Roy Halladay? Probably not. First of all, it is not financial smart. Secondly, Billingsley is young and still yet to live up to potential. Thirdly, this divorce will put all signings in Limbo for the time being. Lets say the Dodgers are more likely to get Matt Holliday than Roy.

If the Dodgers do get Halladay without parting with any of the pitching phenoms or young outfielders, it will be like winning a lottery or probably by selling their souls to the devil. If they could only take Manny off our hands.

Dodgers are probably not getting Lackey either. He is likely to be paid nicely as there isn't another FA pitcher who has a better track record. Is Pedro still available? I would rather have him than John Smoltz, unless Smoltz somehow rediscovers his splitter which is highly unlikely. What about Tom Glavine? We should give the 90s Atlanta Braves rotation a shot, ey?

But the Dodgers don't need Halladay as much as they need an ace to take the burden off Billingsley and Kershaw, least for a season or two. Heck, they would be better off with another hammering bat like an Adrian Gonzalez or Adam Dunn, if the trade is right. Speaking of trades, they could even eye King Felix, but I doubt that he is likely to be traded by a likely rebuilding Seattle Mariners squad.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kemp and Ethier Collecting Hardware

While both outfielders didn't make the NL All-Star team, Kemp and Ethier are getting their fair share of offseason hardware. Both of them have won the Silver Slugger awards for their position. Kemp also has a Gold Glove this year and Dre has the Clutch Performer of the Year award. All that and no All-Star nods? That's why the All Star game is so flawed in baseball. I don't like midseason AS games. The only reason why it works in the NBA is that the players are consistent throughout the whole season. Baseball players are play well in stretches. Therefore, an All-Star might struggle tremendously through the second half because of injury or whatnot. I'm talking about you Raul Ibanez.