Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dre is Coming!

Sure it doesn't really look like Andre Ethier, but I am psyched with getting a new bobblehead to add to my collection. Now I finally have a full outfield! What has been everyone's favorite bobblehead giveaway in the past 5 years?


dodgerbobble said...

I think the first Manny Ramirez bobblehead that was given away last season is my favorite. Manny wasn't supposed to play in the game the day they were giving away his bobblehead, but he ended up hitting a Grand Slam later that game as pinch-hitter. That game was special. I think that's why it's my favorite bobblehead.

Ken said...

thank you for following my site!

i went to that game and it was amazing. for some reason, i think a lot of people expected that to happen, as farfetched as it was.

my favorite is actually the valenzuela one. i dont remember seeing him pitch with the dodgers, but watching highlight reels with him was absolutely wonderful. that breaking pitch and screwball. geez