Thursday, October 8, 2009

Season stats, wins, odds, all doesn't matter now

Who would have predicted this outcome to Game 1? Well, all of Los Angeles and anyone who wasn't an ESPN analyst. The Dodgers might be underdogs, but Ken Levine stated a good point on postgame Dodger Talk, that it was more important to tune out the analysts and Vegas odds because they are making those choices based on stats and probability.

Please understand that Steve Phillips has a severe case of foot-in-mouth, but that means that Dodgers are going to have to continue to play well and eventually give him and all analysts a "foot-in-ass" present.

Did anyone see the game on TBS? It was absolutely terrible, filled with horrendous cuts to weird cameras during flyballs and the consistent losing of sound, actually the last one was not to bad because it prevented the broadcasting from talking.

Hey Mr Verducci, you are eeriely similar to Rosenthal's dugout reporting.

All that being said, the Dodgers really need to win tomorrow and put the pressure on the Birds. We need some of that Clayton Kershaw magic and maybe some more Mannywood ending.