Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tonight's View From Infield Reserve

Here is a little panoramic shot of the August 5th game from Infield Reserve, taken by my Dodgers bff, Kenny. The Infield Reserve is cursed, because the Dodgers have yet to win a game when we sit there. I have a rundown of all the games we went to this season, where we sat, and the results.

May 6 vs. Nationals, Lower Reserve 60RS, Row N, Result: W
May 7 vs. Nationals, Loge 162LG, Row L, Result: L
May 9 vs. Giants, Field Box MVP 7FD, Row W, Result: W
May 20 vs. Mets, Baseline Field, 45BL, Row 7, Result: W
June 10 vs. Padres, Infield Reserve 2RS, Row K, Result: L
June 17 vs. Athletics, Infield Reserve 8RS, Row F, Result: L
June 26 vs. Mariners, Field Box 53FD, Row D, Result: W
June 28 vs. Mariners, AYCE Pavilion 308PR, Row E, Result: L
July 1 vs. Rockies, Loge 162LG, Row N, Result: W
July 16 vs. Astros, Field Box 53FD, Row K, Result: L
July 19 vs. Astros, Field Box 50FD, Row AA, Result: W
July 20 vs. Reds, Top Deck, Row A, Result:W
July 22 vs. Reds, Lower Reserve 39RS, Row P, Result: W
July 24 vs. Marlins, Lower Reserve 28RS, Row P, Result: L
August 5 vs Brewers, Infield Reserve 2RS, Row L, Result: L

Record of Attended Home Games: 8-7
Infield Reserve Games: 0-4