Friday, July 17, 2009

You Are Now Entering Mannywood

Tonight was Manny Ramirez first home game since his 50 game suspension. Unfortunately, there wasn't too much to talk about, at least on the Dodgers side. The Blue Crew was shutout by the Houston Astros pitching staff despite having 8 base hits.

Manny received a standing ovation each time he went up to bat. Most of the fans in the pavilions and Mannywood remained standing and showed their support for the slugger when he took the field for defense. He looked very appreciative and acknowledged the crowd whenever they were chanting. The Los Angeles sportsfan treats their star athletes with a lot of respect and admiration. This was certainly the case tonight. It seemed more like a player coming back from an injury than from a huge suspension. The fans didn't forget Juan Pierre, who also received a standing ovation from the crowd when he came up to pinch hit.

I got to sit in Mannywood with my friend. While it definitely not my first time sitting next to the Dodgers bullpen, it was certainly special to be there on Manny's return. In addition to being poster-giveaway night, the whole Mannywood section was given free Mannywood tshirts to signal the return of Manny and the Mannywood seats. A very nice gesture, as the organization showed a lot of appreciation for the fans.